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December Note
Dear Central School Families,
The first marking period is about to end and report cards will be available for you to view on Genesis on Friday, December 13th. This will be our second year with the redesigned standards based report cards. It has truly been a wonderful and successful first trimester at Central.
A standards-based report card identifies the most important skills in your child’s grade level and content area. They are aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and district programs. Each skill will be assessed with a numerical value from 1 to 4. A performance grade of 3 represents meeting all grade level expectation in a specific skill area. Standards-based report cards differ from traditional report cards in that there are no averages calculated for an overall subject area. The report card language is the same used on state student assessment results. A standards-based report card identifies how well a child is mastering each skill, and provides us with a common reporting language and system between the district and state student reports.
Parent-teacher conferences will continue to be held for grades K-2. Our conference dates are:  December 16th and 17th for Grade 1, and December 17th and 18th for Grade 2. Kindergarten conferences took place in November.  Direct access to the new standards-based report cards will be available three times each school year. This year’s dates are Friday December 13th, Monday March 26th and Thursday June 19th. Please keep in mind Kindergarteners receive a report card twice a year, February 3rd and June 19th. Be sure you are able to log-on to the Parent Portal on Genesis prior to December 13th, so you will have access to your child’s information.
No child sails through his or her entire school life without at least a few rough waters. If you have concerns, the best way to contact your child’s teacher is through E-mail. Ask to schedule an appointment. If you do request a meeting, please be on time and have care arranged for your child so the meeting can be as productive as possible. Ask questions, especially about what you can do at home to help your child succeed. Remember we are all in this together. Everyone is busy, so finding the time may be difficult, but remember—your child needs you.
Most of us will celebrate one of three very special holidays—holidays that mean wonderful things like families getting together, lights and candles, special foods and special treats that everyone will enjoy, and the retelling of special stories of events that will touch our spirits in very special ways.
Whatever holiday you celebrate, the light of Hanukkah, the love of Christmas or the joy of Kwanzaa, each holiday commemorates the dignity of the human spirit and the well-being of family. I wish you the very best of holidays and a Happy and Healthy 2014.
Happy Holidays!!!
Mrs. LaCroix
Central School's 2013-2014 Report Card Narrative
Central School has been one of the community’s landmarks since its founding in the 1920’s. With a building addition in 2002, our K-5 school is a vibrant learning community now offering the 313 students an instructional program which strikes the balance between the very best traditional practices and cutting-edge instruction.  In a partnership which benefits our students, Central’s faculty, parents, and the extended community strive together to foster a safe, nurturing learning environment where children always come first. Each day Central School strives towards its mission “to develop students into leaders who have a love of learning, strive for excellence in the classroom, are guided by strong values and ethics, and seek to improve the condition of the world.”
Central School’s academic performance is very high when compared to schools across the state, outperforming 97% of schools statewide and meeting 100% of our performance targets. Central School has the honor of being recognized as a Rewards School in the State of New Jersey.
At Central, we involve children in Glen Rock’s rigorous, relevant, and developmental approach to learning in order to best meet the challenges of the future.  Children are taught language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science on a continuum from kindergarten through Grade 5.  Central School values the education of the whole child, and students are involved in art, music, library, and physical education on a regular basis. We provide support, as necessary, through the Gifted and Talented program, speech, basic skills instruction, a special needs program, and ESL. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities enrich student life at Central School including Student Council, Math Club, Environmental Club, Character Education Club, and Safety Patrol.
Our faculty distinguishes themselves by their unsurpassed professionalism and a commitment to excellent practice. In staff development, special emphasis has been placed on the areas of language arts, mathematics, character education, and technology which relate directly to school and district initiatives.  At the classroom level, teachers work diligently to plan hands-on, challenging, and age-appropriate learning activities, which actively engage students.  All classes in grades one through five have ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, Interwrite Boards and ELMOs and utilize this technology on a daily basis, most recently with the implementation of Rosetta Stone.
One of Central’s greatest assets is the tremendous level of support provided for our students by the HSA (Home and School Association) and the extended community.  The HSA generously seeks to enrich the lives of students both in and out of the classroom. The Science Fair, the Book Fair, Bingo Night, a Fun Fair and much more are all made possible by our parents. The HSA fundraising also benefits the students through donations such as upgrading the sound and visual system in out auditorium, new risers for our choral and music concerts, laptops and whiteboards. Another important role of the HSA is organizing enriching assemblies for the whole school. Last year, assemblies were held on a variety of exciting topics.
Central School is a dynamic learning community.  Moving forward, we will continue to build on the tradition of excellence which has been fostered at Central School for nearly a century.
September 2013

September 3, 2013
Dear Central Families,
I hope this letter finds you well rested and excited for the 2013-2014 school year. It is hard to believe that in just a few short days, the halls of Central School will be filled with students, and teachers ready to embark on a new school year. I am very excited for our students to return and to welcome many new students to the Central School Family. I am looking forward to a wonderful year at Central.
I continue to be impressed with the amazing teachers, support staff and Parental Community of Central School.  Central School’s Parent Handbook will be posted on my School Fusion page in the Resource for Parents folder for you to read and share with your children. Please take some time to do so.
As you may have noticed, we discovered a few issues in our parking lot towards the end of the summer. The issues have been investigated and fixed. The parking lot will be reopened in time for school to begin. Please be mindful that the numbered spots are designated for teachers and staff.
Please note that the children will be utilizing specific entrances for morning drop-off and afternoon pickup.   
·        Kindergarten and Grade 1 will line up at the entrance nearest the parking lot.
·        Grades 2 and 3 will line up at the courtyard. 
·        Grade 4 will line up on the Hamilton Ave. side
·        Grade 5 will line up at the main entrance.
See you Monday!
Krista LaCroix
Central School Principal
 Resources for Parents
This folder contains various resources for parents.
 Guiding Documents
This folder includes a history of Central School, the mission statement, and guiding framework.
 Standardized Test Scores
Central's 2012 Standardized Test (NJ ASK) Scores are broken down by grade level and subject area.

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